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prognostic dif among melanoma types1. lentigo maligns-many yrs, 2. superficial spreading-month-2 yrs 3. nodular less than 6 mon
distinct morphology is elevated plaquesuperficial spreading
thick plaque or dome shaped lesionnodular
acral lentiginous1. palms, soles, fingernails, toenails 2.subungual type-malenocytes found in MATRIX; hutinson's sign, non healing paronychia
amelanotic malanoma
Flat, hypericgmented patch with ill defined borders, localized, well demarcated txDiascopy test must be performed to see if its vascular related
telangectaisa testDiascopy test
Malar distributionon cheeks
Circumcums, well demarcated round roed nodule, localized hemangioma
tx for impetigobactriban
Flesh colored, well circumscribed lesion!! Solitary nodw with erthematou rim central crust wnad telangectasias preentbasal cell carcinoma
keloid scar txtopical and then injectable steroids
!Clusters of tense fluid filled bulla multiple erosins notedbullous pemphigoind = IN TACT!!!
Assymteric hypopigmented patchmelanoma
black dots ‐ pinpoint bleedingVurruca vulgars
try to deride lesion and it starts bleedingVurruca vulgars(pinpoint bleeding-capillary infiltrate)
most common pearly pink BCCnodular
tx for venous leg ulcer trentol-Treats problems from poor blood circulation by improving the flow of blood through blood vessels.
amniotic derived graftepifix
what would u give someone who had an ulcer on their leg & they are bed restwaffle boot
what is an impact factor
2 classifications for lesion depthclark, and breslow
what would u do for melanomaexcisional biopsy
breslow depth >1.0mm what do u dosentinel lymph node biopsy
T or F the only proven definitive tx f/melanoma is surgical excisionT
a melanoma is < 1mm thickness, how big would u makes your margins for surgical tx1 cm margin
a melanoma is 1-2 mm thickness, how big would u makes your margins for surgical tx1-2 cm margin
a melanoma is > 2mm thickness, how big would u makes your margins for surgical tx2 cm margin
a melanoma is 3 mm thickness, how big would u makes your margins for surgical tx2 cm margin
a melanoma in situ how big would u makes your margins for surgical tx5 mm margin
amelanotic melanomadoes not produce melanin, commonly misdiagnosed, erythematous papules/nodules
tumors on sun exposed surfaces in which the “radial” growth consists of single, pleomorphic, basal melanocytesLentigo maligna melanoma

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how would u describe a white maculevitiligo
will hemorrhagic(bleeding due to hemorrhagic flow blanch?no(petechia, purpura)
will inflammation blanch?yes
vegetationmultiple papules
psoriasis is what type of lesionplaque
wheal is due to edema located in papillary dermis
vesicle size; fluid< 1.0 cm; serum-yellow, red-blood
pustule containspurulence
seen in herpes and VZVpustule
how to differentiate cyst from papulecyst is encapsulated
firm edematous plaque due to fluid in dermiswheal
dry heel think ?scales
how to diff erosion from ulcererosion in epidermis only
widespread rashexanthem
desquamationshedding of stratum corner following a rash
diff btw purpura and ecchymosispurpura-deposit of 2mm to 1 cm, ecchymosis-deposit of blood greater than 1cm
papulosquamouseruption w/both papules/plaques, and scales
violaceousviolet/purpule huge; typically means inflammation
annularbulls eye

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zones of burnzone of coagulation(irreversible cell damage), stasis(vasoconstriction) hyperemia(vasodilation)
1st degreeerythema w/out blister formation
2nd degree superficialerythema w/blister, painful
2nd degree deepdermis, may not blister, not painful, dry(so wet gauze)
what would a 2nd deg burn look likebulla on erythemous base
3rd degfull thickness, painless, infection complications
signs of infected burncellulitis, discoloration of wound, liquefaction of eschar
tx for venous ulcerdebride, trenol
emergent phase for burnuse rule of 9s and parkland formula to find fluid replacement; escharotomy, prescribe 50mg/hr morphine; full thickness biopsy of wound
leading cause of death in burn ptssevere sepsis(UTI, respiratory infection, endocarditis)
wound care phase of burnsdebride, prescribe mafenide acetate, staph and strep usually develop 2 days after burn-keflex
most common organisms of skinstaph(group A), B hemolytic strep, enterococcus, pseudomonas
drug for MRSA coveragebactroban
mafenide acetate SEmetabolic acidosis
3 infections that may occur after burn? what antibiotics would u prescribe?nosocomial, multi-resistant, GNR(p. aeruginosa)-vancomycin
cause of nosocomial infection overuse of antibiotics
what would u do if pt has multi-resistant infectionstop antibioitic, give them a new one
topic tx for burnmafenide acetate
*how many weeks should u wait before u try another tx4 weeks

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causes of ulcer sub met headDF 1st ray, long 2nd ray, equinus
how do u describe wound exudateby volume(none, light, moderate, heavy) and type (clear, serosanguinous, sanguinous purulent)
preowned that is yellow would be described ashyperkeratotic
cardinal signs of infection rubor (redness), calor (increased heat), tumor (swelling), dolor (pain), and functio laesa (loss of function)
Santildebriding agent
if u think u have bacteria to u swab first or decried first?swab only after deriding and decried only if it looks infected