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Make Eco Friendly Business Cards In Three Steps

Updated 2010-05-23 21:54


Create business cards out of materials you were going to throw away! Here are the ones we made:


Step 1: Buy what you'll need

You'll need to order a custom die and a custom stamp. These will take about a week and a half to get made, and cost about $130. We went with for the die and for the stamp but several companies can make them from designs you email them.


Step 2: Cut them out

Look in your trash can or recycling bin for materials that will fit the purpose. Soda can boxes, cereal boxes, folders, thick paper... anything like that will do. If there's something on the back, all the better - it will make it obvious the cards are eco-friendly.


Since we won't be doing any printing, we'll have to rely on the shape of the cards to give them pizzazz. Take your custom die and your cardboard to your local library or scrapbooking store, where you can use their die-cutting machine to cut them out yourself.

Step 3: Stamp them

Nothing tricky here. If you want a multi-color look you can have multiple stamps made, or even order a multi-color stamp.


Question Answer
Stuff you'll needcustom die, custom stamp, waste cardboard
How much it will costabout $130
How long it will take to get the die/stampabout a week
Example waste materal to usesoda can boxes, cereal boxes, folders, thick paper
Where to find a die-cutting machine you can uselocal library or scrapbooking store
A place that makes custom
A place that makes custom