Major Periods of Greek History

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Minoan Civilization3000-1400 BCE
Mycenaean 1650-1150 BCE
Dark Ages1100-800 BCE
Archaic Period800-480 BCE
Olympic games established 776 BCE
Democracy established510 BCE
Persian Wars490-479 BCE
Classical Period480-323 BCE
Peloponnes War431-404 BCE
Hellenistic Period323-146 BCE
Rome conquers Greece146 BCE

Section 2

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Based on island of CreteMinoan
Non-indoeuropean (not Greek)Minoan
Open palace without fortification Minoan
Naval dominance of East Mediterranean regionMinoan
Sophisticated arts and engineeringMinoan
female figurines, bull imagery, double axes (labrys)Minoan
Fortess palace on hilltops Mycenaean
Many epic heroes were associated with their citiesMycenaean
Aristocratic social hierarchyMycenaean
Linear B Mycenaean
Decline in population, absence of literacyDark ages
Economic decline, wave of emigration to Asia MinorDark Ages
Rise in trade and travelArchaic
Phoenician alphabetArchaic
Homer, Hesoid, lyric poetry were written downArchaic
Growing interest in scienceArchaic
Growth of city-statesArchaic
Olympic games establishedArchaic
Democracy established in AthensArchaic
Persian WarsArchaic
Sculpture influenced by EgyptArchaic
Athenian dominance in Greek confederacy (Delian league)Classical
Athenian empire based on naval strengthClassical
Pericles a major statesmanClassical
Flowering of arts, drama, architecture, education, philosphersClassical
Evolving democracyClassical
Peloponnesian WarsClassical
Alexander the Great and his successors expanded Greek empire across Mediterranean and Near EastClassical
Successors of Alexander the Great rule vast areas around the Mediterranean, Near East, EgyptHellenistic
Cosmopolitan culture, important centers of learning (Athens, Alexandria)Hellenistic
Ends when Rome conquers GreeceHellenistic

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