Major Muscles of the Head, Tongue and Mastication Day 2

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Question Answer
Origin of Zygomaticus MinorZygomatic Bone
Action of Zygomaticus MinorRaises the upper lip to expose the teeth
Origin of Zygomaticus MajorZygomatic Bone
Action of Zygomaticus MajorDraws corners of mouth upward
Origin of BuccinatorMolar region of maxilla and mandible
Action of BuccinatorCompresses cheek
Action of MentalisWrinkles chin
Origin of MassesterZygomatic arch and maxilla
Action of MasseterPrime mover of jaw closure
Insertion of MassesterAngle and rams of mandible
Origin of TemporalisTemporal fossa
Insertion of TemporalisCoronoid process of mandible
Action of temporalisElevates and retracts mandible, closes jaw
Action of GenioglossusProtrudes and depresses the tongue

Section 2

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