Major Insect Orders

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Question Answer
OdonataDragonflies/2 non foldable wings/ aquatic juveniles
MantodeaMantids/grabbing front legs/ 2 pair pleated over back wings/wingless juveniles
OrthopteraGrasshoppers and Crickets/ straight wings/jumping hind legs/ juv wingless
Hemiptera (TRUE Bugs)Cicada/Half wings forming X or colored line/ sucking mouth parts/ juv wingless
NeuropteraAntlions and lacewings/2 pair nerve wings-net like wings/juv long and flat with big mandibles
DipteraFlies/ 1 pair wings/juveniles maggots
HympentoperaBees, wasps, ants and sawflies/2 pairs membrane wings/wasp waist & stingers/ juv maggot or grub-like
BlattodeaRoaches/ avoiding light/ head under thora/ 2 pair leathery wings/ jeveniles wingless
PhasnatodeaStick insects/ like a ghost stick like body/2 pair wings males/ wingless females/ juv wingless
Dermapteraearwigs/leathery wings/ pincer tails/ 2 pair wings/ juveniles wingless
Coleopterabeetles/ hard wings/ hard shel/ 2 pair wings, front pair hardened/ juveniles grub-like or worm like
Lepidopterabutterflies and moths/ scaley wings/ 2 colored scaled wings/ juveniles caterpillars

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