Maintenance exam

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People are judged on their appearance, so it is important to present a clean, organized and professional image to your residents.true
On a 110-volt circuit, the hot wire is normally:black or red
What is the purpose of a squirrel cage?To move air through the handler
Quality of tools may reflect the quality of work.true
Where is a fuse link located?on a heat coil
Where is a joist found?floor
On most garbage disposals, where is the reset button located?On the bottom of the disposal
A copy of the service request should be left in every occupied apartment after completion to let the resident know what service has been completed.true
Why should you pull a vacuum?A. Check for leaks B. Remove impurities C. Extend the life of the unit D. All of the above
What kind of freon would you suggest for use in an apartment freezer?R 12

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Older refrigerators contain which type of freon:R 12
Where is the bibb seat located?In a faucet
As the hot water heater tank is being filled up, you should:Purge the tank of air
What kind of freon is used in central air conditioning?R 22
Taking heat out of the air will do what to the air temperature?Lower
When charging, vapor should be added to the ____ side of the compressor.Low
R-134A is a drop in replacement for R-12.False
What is the best product to use to thin or clean up latex paint?Water
Low voltage means:Less than 30 (usually 24)
Picking up litter on the property is every employee's business; there are no exceptions.True

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When wiring a new wall receptacle, the silver screw is for:Neutrel Wire
Apartment #2 is underneath Apartment #12. The occupants in #2 say that water is coming into their bathroom through the overhead vent every time the residents upstairs take a shower. What is the probable cause?A. Shower drain pipe is leaking B. No shower curtain in apt #12 C. Leak in the pipe between the director and showerhead D. All of the above
What is a swagging tool used for?Enlarging copper tubing
What is one purpose of shutoff valves on the compressor during installation and when servicing?Too allow the freon to be saved while servicing the unit
The pilot light on a standing pilot water heater won't stay lit. What might be causing the problem?The thermocouple
How many BTUs are in a ton?12000
Water is continually running out of the wall behind the toilet. What could be the cause?break or leak in the supply line
Service requests should be filled out completely and signed before returning to the manager or office staff.True
When working on a defective breaker, what is the first thing you should do?Turn off the main line breaker.
What is the purpose of a cap (capillary) tubeToo meter refrigerant of the evaporator

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In roofing, a square (measurement) is an area of:10' by 10'
How many 4 inch x 4 inch ceramic tiles would it take to cover a 120 square foot area?1080
Algae are microscopic plant life.True
Most gas water heaters have two (2) regulators. The one on the meter should be adjusted only by the utility company.True
The heat in an oven cannot be controlled. The possible problem is:Bad thermostat
Which of the following would NOT cause a toilet to continually run?Broken flapper chain
If a dishwasher hums, but the motor will not run, the probable cause is:The seal is frozen
Muriatic acid is used to ____ the pH level in a pool.Lower
Never mix two pool maintenance chemicals togetherTrue
Most residential wiring is three phase.False

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