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What country are Francios and Cedric from ?Syria
What is a Civil war?A war between citizens of the same country
List differences about flip phones and smartphones?Flip phones don't have applications, flip phones have more battery, smartphones can play music, and flip phones are a little bit less advanced
Wha process did the Jacob brothers have to go through to get to the U.S?They had to first get a sponsor, then ask permission from the USA to go there, then aske permision from their country to leav.
What is a Demi God ?Someone who is half a God no half mortal.
At the age 15 how tall was Hercules ?7 ft tall
Who was Hercules's father ?Zeus
What was so unusual about Richard Ethridge ?He never showed up again and when Tucker looked for him he couldn't find him anywhere.
Wha was the setting and time of "Into the Storm"?The setting was Morehead City, North Carolina and the time was in the 1970's
People realized wolves made great what ?Hunters

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List two things dogs help humans with.Autism and Down syndrome
Most people didn't own a dog unless they were what ?Wealthy
At least what percent of U.S families own at least what amount of dog(s)50% around 1 or 2
Dog owners pend how much money on their dogs per month?$135
List 3 people and their failure that turned into a successesJk Rolling, Michael Jordan, and Steve Jobs

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