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what country are francois and cedric from?the two brothers are from syria
what is a civil war?a civil war is when states from the same country fight each other
list differneces between flip phones and smartphones the difference between them is that a smarthphone is touch screen and it has apps and a flip phone has buttons that you have to press to do something.
What process did the jacob brothers had to go through to move to the us?The process that they had to go through to move to the us was that they had to escape syria without being caught bcause if they had got caught they wouldve have gotten shot.
Whats a demi god?A demi god is like a person that rules the counrty sort of like a pesident.
At 15 years how tall was hercules?At 15 years old hercules was 7 feet tall.
Who was Hercules real father?Hercules real father was zeus
What was so unusual about richard etheridge?What was unusual about richard etheridge?
What is the setting of '' into the storm'' The setting of "into the storm'' is in school.