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What country are Francois and Cedric from?Syria
What is a civil war?a war between citizens of the same country.
What did the Jacob brothers have to go through to go through the U.S.?they had to get permission from there country and then get a sponsor so that they could leave. The families sponsor was the uncle of the young boys.
What is a Demi- god?a god and a human
At 15 years old Hercules was how tall?7 feet
Who was Hercules real father?zeus

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What is so unusual about Richard Ethridge?he was a ghost
What is the setting of "Into the Storm"?in
List diffrences between flip phones and smart phones?they have different costs, they have different uses , a flip phone can be less distracting then a smart phone and has no apps.

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People realized that wolves make great what?
List two things dogs can help humans with.their disabilities and to do work such as taking care of chicken coops.
Most people didn't own a dog unless they were ________.wealthy
Dog owners spend an average of $_____ per month on dogs.135
At least______% of U.S families own at least _________ dogs.96
List three people and there failures that urged ino success. :J.K. Rowling gave up o one of her books and then came with harry potter which was a great success. Another is Michael Jordan missed about 9000 shots in his entire career. but ended up being on of the greatest basketball players in history. Abraham Lincoln had ran for president for 6 times . At the last time, which was the sixth he finally was elected as the 16th president.

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