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What country are Francois and Cedric from?Syria
What is a civil war?A war between citizens of the same country.
List differences between flip phones and smartphones.Flip phones: less distractions, costs less, and stays charged longer.
Smartphones: battery goes down faster, distracting, and cost more.
What process did the Jacob brothers have to go through to move to the U.S?They had to get sponsored, had to get paper work, and had to ask if they could leave their country.
What is a Demi-God?A Demi-God is a half God.

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At 15 years old, Hercules was how tall?7 feet
Who was Hercules real father?Zeus the God of all Gods
What was so unusual about Richard Etherigde?Something that was unusual about Richard was that he would dissapear and then reappear.

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What was the setting for "Into the Storm"?The setting was Morehead City, North Carolina.
People realized wolves made a great what?That they made a great pet.
List two things dogs can help humans with.Autism and blindness.
Most people didn't own a dog unless they were ____.Unless they were wealthy.
At least _________% of U.S. families own at least _________ dog(s).50% and 1 dog

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Dog owners spend an average of $_________ per month on dogs.60.08 billion
List three people and their failure that turned into a success.Beyoncé lost on a gameshowwhen she was 12, Michael Jordan missed at leats 9,000 shots, and J.K. Rowling got rejected by a lot of publishers.