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What country are Francois and Cedric from?Syria
What is a civil war?a war between citizens of the same country.
What did the Jacob brothers have to go through to go through the U.S.?
What is a Demi- god?
At 15 years old Hercules was how tall?
Who was Hercules real father?

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What is so unusual about Richard Ethridge?he was a ghost
What is the setting of "Into the Storm"?
List diffrences between flip phones and smart phones?

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People realized that wolves make great what?
List two things dogs can help humans with.
Most people didn't own a dog unless they were ________.
Dog owners spend an average of $_____ per month on dogs.
At least______% of U.S fmalies own at least _________ dogs.
List three people and there failures that urged ino success.