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What country are Francois and Cedric from?Syria
What is a civil war?A war between citizens of the same country
List differences between flip phones and smartphonesFlip phones are able to call and text, while the smartphone can call, text, and record videos. The flip phone though, is able to not make you distracted as much, decrease trouble of sleeping, and save money, since a regular flip phone can cost $30. The smartphone can help you find almost anything you need with the internet and it has its own form of entertainment as apps such as games and YouTube.
What process did the Jacob brothers have to go through to move to the U.S.?First, the brothers needed an American Citizen to sponsor them and they needed permission from the government if they are able to come into the country. Their sponsor was their uncle. The brother would then need to sign many different papers and get permission from the Syrian Government to leave the country.
What is a demi-god?a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
At the age of 15, how tall was Hercules?7 feet tall
Who was Hercules's real father?Zeus
What was so unusual about Richard Ethridge?That Richard had died almost a century ago.
What is the setting of," Into the Storm"? Time and place is neededMorehead City, North Carolina
Calico Creek
Alantic beach peir.
The time was in the 1970's.
People realized wolves made great what?Great effective gaurdians

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LIst two things dogs can help humans with:Chasing foxes away from sheep, and killing/chasing rats out of a restaurant
Most people didn't own a dog unless they were?Wealthy
At least _% of U.S. families own at least _ dog(s).50%

One dog
Dog owners spend an average of _ per month on dogs.$135

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List three people and their failure that turned into a success.Abraham Lincoln had participated in a total of 6 elections for president. Honest Abe had lost the first 5 but finally achieved a victory on the 6th try.
At age 12, Beyoncé lost on Star Search, a famous TV talent show. She then took on singing to the next generation and makes the money making songs she makes today. J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series was rejected by 12 publishers. The Harry Potter seires has then go on to make billions of dollars.