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Question Answer
Poise or dyne-sec/cm²0.1 N-sec/m² or pascal - sec
1 stoke or cm²/sec10^-4 m²/sec
Ideal fluidis said to be an ideal if it is assumed to be both incompressible and non viscous infinite bulk modulus no surface tension
Real fluidhave viscosity finite compressibility and surface tension
Specific weight is ratio of weight and volume 9810 N/m³ water
Specific volume is inverse of density
Specific gravity or relative density is ratio of density of fluid and density of standard fluid 1/4C 13.6 Hg
Due to viscosity of fluid of a resistance to flow
viscosity of liquids decreases with temperature
viscosity of gases increases with increase in temperature
Viscosity of water is at 1 degree Celsius is 1 centipoise
Viscosity of liquids is due to cohesion and molecular momentum transfer
Non newtonian fluid with time independent are the dilatent bingham plastic psuedo plastic
Non-newtonian flude with time dependent thixotropic and rheopectic
Question Answer
For Dilatant Fluids: n > 1& B=0.Butter, Quick sand.
For Bingham Plastic Fluids: n 1 & B 0Ex Sewage sludge. Drilling mud, tooth paste and gel.
(ii) For Pseudoplastic Fluids: n < 1 & B 0Ex. Paper pulp, Rubber solution Lipsticks, Paints, Blood Polymetric solutions etc.
(iv) For Thixotropic Fluids: n < 1 & B 0Viscosity increases with time Ex. Printers ink and Enamels.
(v) For Rheopectic Fluids: n > 1 & B 0Viscosity decreases with time. Ex Gypsum solution in water & Bentonite solution
Compressibility is inverse of bulk modulus of elasticity
Question Answer
surface tension is inversely proportional to temperature and it also acts when fluid is at rest
Question Answer
Surface Tension at water 20C0.0736 N/m


Question Answer
Capillary actionisdue to addition and cohesion both
for capillary action diameter of tube should be less than 3 centimetre
angle of contact between the liquid and the material for Mercury and glass is 128
At critical point, Liquid-vapour state are same thus surface tension is equal to zero
Surface tension is due to cohesion only
Barometer shows atmospheric pressure
Question Answer
1 kgf9.81 N
Pascal's law the intensity of fluid at any point in a stationary fluid is same in all direction
Absolute pressure is equal to the sum of gauge pressure and local atmospheric pressure
Gauze pressure can be positive negative or zero
Atmospheric pressure is equal to 1.013 baraur 10.3 metres of height of water for 76 cm height of Mercury
Piezometer is suitable for small and positive pressure measurement
  The manometric liquid should have high density in vapour pressure
simple manometer can measure both positive and negative pressure
aneroid barometer is used to measure local atmospheric pressure on absolute scale
Air density is equal to 1.24 kg/m³
Question Answer
Center of pressurecenter of gravity in case of vertical surface when depth of immersion is very large
Leg rge in concept is for single particle
eulerian concept is for a particular section or point.