Macbeth Seminars

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Section 1

Question Answer
foreshadowinglady macbeth sleeping, saying to bed to bed to bed. showing that she is distraught and she will take her own life from guilt
conflictperson vs self:macbeth is debating whether he should kill the king. person vs person:macbeth and macduff duel. person vs enviroment: banquos ghost
parallelismmacbeth and banquo take opposite paths from witches prophecies
pungrave and prosperous (grave is used becaus banquo will die)
pathetic fallacyweather sets the mood. stormy when witches enter the scene
climaxact 3, banquo was killed
soliloquybanquo talks to himself about macbeth becoming king
allusionkings death is an allusion to romans tryant who raped his friends wife in the night
comic reliefdrunken porter
paradoxfair is foul and foul is fair
similiethis is a sergent who like a good and hearty soldier fought
metaphorthere the grown serpent lies, the form thats fled
irony"macbeth shall be king hereafter" witches say this and macbeth becomes king
dramatic ironylady macbeth talking about banquo, as his ghost appears
suspended beliefghosts or witches on the stage
imagerycrashing thunder or lighting
symbolismstorm = evil. 3 = evil number. 3 witches 3 steps 3 murders
themecan be referred to fair is foul and foul is fair again
pathosmurder of lady macduff and son
crisis or turning pointking duncan is murdered

Section 2

Question Answer
mind disorders in macbethlady macbeths guilt anxiety and depression and macbeths insomnia. kills friends to keep sane
supernaturalform of entertainment. lead macbeth to killing the king. killed banquo to break prophecy apperations. jacobeans believed in supernatural elements.mislead characters
foilsbanquos macbeths bestfriend. macduff is like macbeth (revenge). macduff kills for people. macbeth kills for himself
elizabethan theatredivine order. cannot kill king onstage. kings r considered gods agent.
catharsisemotional cleansing from tension or anxiety, comes after a tragedy. balance of emotions between catharsis and comic relief. macbeths life was overtaken by the witches. after killing duncan and the death of his wife his life means nothing. his downfall is because of his tragic flaw.

Section 3

Question Answer
heathwilderness (upon the heath)
golgomaemphasizes horror of a battlefield. compared to christ's crucifiction
bellonas bridegroomgoddess of war
drain himexhaust him with sexual intercourse -witch
glamisname of era
flourishsound of music meaning arrival of royalty
chamberlainsguards, members of nobility
perfecteststate of being perfect
sennettrumpet sounds for entrance or exit of someone with high authority
councilmeating of privy. (people advise the king)
sirrahused to address younger man or boy of lower class
under caesarfrom play anthony and cleopatra. marc anthony feared octavius caeser just like MacB fears Banquo
black hecategoddess of witchcraft
biosphemingspeaking poorly about god or sacred things
king of englandstrong religious views became king in 1040 after death of his brother
spooky atmospherespooky scenes
drum and coloursmilitary sounds
whey facemilk face
scoreplace of coronation