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Wordслово - He has difficulty spelling long words.
spellingнаписание - There are two possible spellings of this word.
letterбуква - the letter K
causeбыть причиной children cause you too much trouble.
frustrationразочарование, расстройство I could feel his frustration
alreadyуже I've already told him.
vowelгласный звук he vowels in English are a, e, i, o, and u.
not necessarilyне обязательно That's not necessarily true.
correspondсоответствовать the pronunciation of a vowel does not necessarily correspond to the spelling of the vowel.
especiallyособенно This is especially true of the letter o.
differentlyнепохоже, по-разному The letters o in the words job, love, and only are all pronounced differently.

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