MA100 Final Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
Cashiers Checkguaranteed by a bank, drawn on the bank’s own funds and signed by a cashier
Electronic Checkdigital payment that serves the same function as a physical check, faster processing
Money Ordera printed order for payment of a specified sum, issued by a bank or post office
Vouchera small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount or that may be exchanged for goods or services
Certified Checka check that is guaranteed by a bank
What is the truth in lending act? extending credit for 4 or more payments
What is a HIPAA covered entity?anyone who has access to the medical records (ie: cleaning crew, insurance companies)
Who deals with confidentiality?HIPAA
Reasons to release medical records without consent-Public Health (CDC) -Subpoenaed to court -Treatment -Payment
If a phone call comes into the medical office and you’re already on the phone, what are some things that you should do?-Ask if they can hold -Try to answer within the 3rd ring
Tasks to get ready to open the office in the morning-Unlock doors, disengage alarm, turn on lights, turn on computers/printers/copiers, prepare a new patient sign in sheet
Who does the ADA represent?American Disabilities Act
If a doctor comes in, how should you file?-Example: Jones, Mike MD -- Credentials come at the end
Out guideWhen you pull a patient’s chart, you put an out guide where the chart would be
What is the difference between source oriented medical record and problem oriented medical record? (SOMR & POMR)-POMR: lists each problem of the patient at the beginning of the folder and references each problem with a number throughout the folder -SOMR: similar categories or sources of info are grouped together
How to correct an error in a medical record by handone single line through it, initial and date
Who owns the original copy of a chart?Physician
Different kinds of scheduling-Open -Wave -Clustering -Flexible -Stream -Double Booking
What is nonconsecutive filingnumbers
What is Petty Cash$100 typically in cash
What type of endorsement is for deposit only?restrictive
Salutation on a letter-Dear Mr or Mrs so and so -If addressing a physician: Dear Dr. Jones: (always put collon in formal letters)

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Question Answer
Different chapters of bankruptcy7 & 13
What is a skipPerson who skips town who doesn’t give a forwarding address, usually someone with an outstanding balance
Who is responsible for assigning a diagnosisthe physician
How often do you need to make a deposit for your companydaily
What does NSF meannon sufficient fund
Different types of banking accounts-Checking -Savings -Money Market
What is an adjustmentan entry to change an account balance
What are the different budgets?-Promotional Budgeting (flyers, pamphlets, etc) -Operating -Organizational
What is the best time to talk about payment policy?First visit
What is a matrix?Crossing out parts of the Drs schedule because they aren’t going to be available
What is a write it once system?Pegboard
When would the physician speak to a patient via telephone callunsatisfactory dx
Who talks about insurance with the patientCMA/RMA/CMAA
What do you do if a patient declares bankruptcy?stop calling
What do you write in the memo section of a check?What the check is for (ie:birthday)
What does the monthly bank statement list?summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a given period on a bank account
What is an encounter form?preprinted patient statements that list codes for basic office charges and have sections for the patient's current balance and next appointment
What is a double entry book keeping system and what does it keep track of -Assets -Liabilities -Equity
W2 v W4-W4: for new employees to fill out for tax withholdings -W2: income or social security tax withholdings
Accounts Receivable v Accounts Payable -accounts receivable: money owed to the practice -accounts payable: money owed by the practice
UCRU(usual) for fair value and service -- C(customary) for competitive rates charged by other physicians of the same specialty in that geographical area -- R(reasonable) for services that are more extensive or require more resources than does the typical procedure
A bond that covers all employees is called ablanket bond

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