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BAC for CDL driver0.04% or more
Things you should check on the front of your vehicle during walk around inspectionLights - Wipers - Springs - Tires - Leaks
What should bearing seals be check forCracks / Leaks
How many red reflective triangles should you carry3
How do you test hydraulic brakes for leaksPump the brake pedal 3 times
What is the most important reason for doing a vehicle inspection Safety
What things should you check duing your tripGuages - Tires/Wheels - Brakes - Lights/Reflectors
Key Steering system parts Steering box -Steering Arms - Steering Wheel
Some suspension system defects Cracked or broken springs - Missing/Broken leaf springs - Leaking shock absorbers
Three pieces of Emergency Equipment that you MUST have Fire Extinguisher - Spare Electrical Fuse - Warning Devices (3 Relfective triangles)
Minimum Tread depth for FRONT tires4/32
Minimum Tread depth for BACK tires 2/32
Why should you back towards the drives side So you can see better
What is a "Pull Up"To re-position the vehicle
If stopped on a hill, how do you keep from rolling back Partley engage the clutch - Use parking brake
When backing up, why is it important to use a helper Blind spots you dont see
What is the most important hang signal that you and a helper should agree on Signal to STOP
Why put the starter key in your pocket during pre-trip inspection So no one can move the vehicle
What are two special conditions where you should downshift Going down hill - Before entering curve
When should you downshift in an automatic transmissionGoing down grades
TRUE or FALSE Retarders keep you from skidding when the road is slipperyFALSE (May cause you to skid)
What are two ways to know when to shift Engine Speed - Watch Tachometer
How far ahead does the manual say you should lookLook 12 to 15 seconds ahead
What are two main things to look for ahead Look for Traffic - Look for Road Conditions
Whats your most important way to see the sides and rear Check your mirrors regulary
What does "Communicating" mean in safe driving Other drivers can't know what you are going to do until you tell them
Where should your reflectors be placed when stopped on a divided highway10 Feet - 100 Feet - 200 Feet towards the approaching traffic
What 3 things add up to total stopping distance Preception Distance - Reaction Distance - Braking Distance
If you go twice as fast, will your stopping distance increase by TWICE or FOUR times FOUR
TRUE or FALSE Empty trucks have the best braking FALSE
What is Hydroplaning When Water or Slush is on the roadway - Tires loose contact with the road
What is Black Ice Thin layer that is clear enough that you can see the road underneath it. Makes the road look wet

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