Lymphatics Quiz

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Question Answer
The saclike initial portion of the thoracic duct is the ____ ? cisterna chyli
Entry of lymph into the lymphatic capillaries is promoted by ? One - way mini - valves formed by overlapping endothelial cells
The structural framework of lymphoid organs is ___ ? Reticular tissue
Lymph nodes are densely clustered in all of the following (1) The cervical region, 2) The axillae, 3) The groin, 4) The brain) body areas except ____ ?4) The brain
The germinal centers in lymph nodes are largely sites of ___ ?Proliferating B lymphocytes
The red pulp areas of the spleen are sites of ___ ? Splenic sinusoids, macrophages and red blood cells
The lymphoid organ that functions primarily during youth and then begins to atrophy is the ___ ?Thymus
What does MALT stand for? Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)
Collections of lymphoid tissue (MALT) that guard mucosal surfaces include all of the following (1) Appendix follicles, 2) The tonsils, 3) Peyer’s patches, 4) The thymus), except....?The Thymus
The Lymphatic system is considered a low pressure system (True or False?) True
Worn-out and damaged red blood cells are destroyed in the ...Spleen
All of the following are symptoms of inflammation (1) pain, 2) fever, 3) redness, 4) swelling), except ... ?Fever
The first line of defense against disease-causing organisms is ___ ?Intact skin
T cells attack and destroy infected cells? (True or False?)True
B cells produce plasma cells which secrete antibodies? (True or False?)True
What is the largest lymphoid organ, and how big is it? The spleen is the largest lymphoid organ, and it is the size of your fist
Cancer cells and virus-infected body cells can be killed before activation of adaptive immunity by ________?Natural killer cells
DEADLY ZOMBIE BITE: You were immunized with MMR vaccine as a child. What type of immunity do you have now?Artificially acquired active
Which class of antibody is found in mucus?IgA
Where do B cells attain immunocompetence?In the red bone marrow
Name the two lymphatic ducts.1) The right lymphatic duct and 2) The thoracic duct
What are the primary lymphpoid organs? The red bone marrow and thymus
T cells mature in the thymus, but where do B cells mature?B cells mature in the bone marrow
What are the secondary lymphoid organs? (hint: there are 5)Lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, peyers patches and appendix
The spleen consists of two components: White pulp and red pulp
Pathogens and cancer cells may spread throughout the body via the lymphatic stream. (true or False?)True

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