Lymphatic and Immune Systems

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lymphatic and immune systems work together to protect from?bacterial and viral infections
Lymphatic vessels and tissues scattered thruout body filters out organism that could harm us
largest lymphoid organspleen
what other parts of body are part of lymph system?thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils
where is spleen locatedleft side of body
what does spleen doclean the blood of defective blood cells, removes debris, bacteria, viruses and toxins from the blood
what does spleen storewhite blood cells known as lymphocytes
what do lyphocytes doprotect the body agains foreign invaders
where can spcialized white blodd cells called lymphocytes be stored to mature while waiting to be called on by immune systemthymus
what is a lymphcreamy white fluid containings lymphocytes, proteins and fats
where does lymph pass thrulymphy nodes where microorganism are destroved
what do tonsils and adenoids docollect and remove pathogens that enter the body via inhaled air or ingested food

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allergenany substance capable of causing an allergic response
allergyan altered reaction of body tissues in response to an allergen that affects some people
antigena substance such as a baterium or a virus which the body recognizes as foreign
antibodya protein produced by the immune system that targets a specific antigen to inhibit it from invading the body cells and tissues
antibioticmedication usd to stop the growth of bacteria but not effective in viral infections

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