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Question Answer
What family do club moss belong to?Lycopodiaceae
The leaves of lycophytes are _________.Microphylls
Spore producing leaves common in some lycophytes are _________.Sporophylls
What two shapes is common for Lycophyte sporangia?1. Stalked 2. Kidney-shaped
What is the cone-like structure consisting of many spore-producing leaves growing together in a tight cluster?Strobilus
What kind of stem and roots do Lycopodiums have?Creeping stems with adventitious roots

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Question Answer
True or False: Lycopodiums have flammable spores?True
Are Lycopodiums vascular plants?Yes: Lycopodiums are primitive, spore bearing plants
Which is more primitive: ferns or lycopodiums?Lycopodiums
Running pine: has small, pipe cleaner-like branches and has solitary strobili on the main shoot apex Lycopodium clavatum
Fan Clubmoss: multiple stems that branch in geometric planes with flat-leaves and have 2-4 strobili per peduncleDiphasiastrum digitatum

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Question Answer
Bristly clubmoss/Common interrupted-clubmoss: has moderate sized, pipe cleaner-like branches and has solitary strobiliLycopodium annotinum
Why is one of the common names of Lycopodium annotinum Common Interrupted Club Moss?Each year's growth is noted by an interruption or constriction on the stem
Shining Fir Moss: large pipe cleaner-like branches and bears yellowish sporangia beneath leafHuperzia lucidula
Flat Branched Ground Pine: has tightly adpressed leaves and solitary, sessile strobiliLycopodium obscurum