Lupus, MS

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clinical presentation lupusfatigue, depression, anorexia, weigth loss, myalgias, malar rash (butterfly rash)- red flat rash over bridge nose and cheeks.
contribute largely to mortality and morbidity lupusrenal, hematologic, and neurologic. photosensitivity-make sure to wear sunscreen etc.
drugs associated with drug induced lupusprocainamide, quinidine, hydralazine, isoniazid, methimazole, PTU, methyldopa, minocycline, terbinafine, anti-TNF agents
hydroxychloroquinelupus. can take 6 months see maximal effect.
prednisoneused acutely flares in lupus, then taper to lower doses for chronic supressive therapy.
chloroquine-aralenlupus. 250mg daily crcl<10 then half dose
azathioprine lupus severe disease (flare). deficiency TPMT require lower dose
cellceptmycophenolate mofetil. lupus severe disease. off-label.
benylstabelimumab. lupus. monoclonal antibody
mainstay treatment MS relapsing formsinterferon beta formulations and glatiramer
copaxone, glatopa and doseglatiramer acetate. immune modulator MS. 20 daily or 40 TID. injection site reactions
avonex and doseinteferon beta 1a. MS. weekly
rebif and doseinterferon beta 1a. MS. TID
betaseron, extavia and doseinterferon beta 1b. MS. every other day
plegridy and dosepeginterferon beta 1a. MS. every 14 days!*******
interferons for MS side effects flu-like symptoms lasting mins to hrs, injection site rxns. if refrigerated let stand to room temp prior to injection. do not expel air bubbles in pre-filled due to loss of dose.
aubagioterifulonomide. MS. oral immune modulator
gilenyafingolimod. MS. oral immune modulator.
patient must be monitored at least 6 hrs after first dosegilenya.
gilenya warnings and SEbradycardia, macular edema, HA, diarrhea, flu like syndrome, back pain
gilenya monitoringCBC. ECG, eye exam
tecfideradimethyl fumurate. MS. do not crush, chew, or spinkle contents of capsule on food. oral immune modulator
dalfampridine MS most patients no repsond. potassium channel blocker, indicated improve walking.
tysabri and dose natalizumab monoclonal antibody for MS. every 4 weeks IV
alemtuzumab and dosehumanized monoclonal antibody for MS. second course 12 months after first course. total therapy duration 24 months.
start antiviral prophylaxis on first day each course therapyalemtuzumab