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Luke CC

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Chapter Content

1Birth of John B., Annunciation to Mary
2Birth of Christ, Temple scene
3Ministry of John, Genealogy
4Temptation, 1st sermon at Nazereth
5Draught of fish, palsied man, call of Levi
6Sabbath healing, calling of 12, beatitudes
7Healing of centurian’s servant, resurrection of widow’s son, questions of John B., Jesus’ feet anointed
8Parable of sower, stilling of waters, maniac of Gedara, Jairus’ daughter, woman with issue of blood
9Feeding 5,000, Peter’s confession, Transfiguration
1070 sent out, Good Samaritan, Mary and Martha
11Lord’s Prayer, Beelzebub, sign of Jonas, Woes on Pharisees
12Teaching like sermon on the mount
13Repentance, healing of woman on Sabbath, kingdom parables
14Humility, neglected supper invitation, cost of discipleship
153 lost things
16Unjust steward, rich man and Lazarus
17Unprofitable servants, 10 lepers, coming of Kingdom
18Prayer (unjust judge, Pharisee and Publican), Rich ruler, eye of needle, blind man healed
19Zacchaeus, 10 pounds, Triumphal entry
20Jesus’ authority, wicked husbandman, questions about tribute and resurrection
21Olivet Discourse
22Betrayal, Passover, Gethsemane, Arrest
23Before Pilate and Herod, Crucifixion
24Resurrection, 2 on way to Emmaus

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