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who were the loyalists?loyalists were american colonists who were loyal to the british during the american revolution (wanted to stick with the british)
who were the patriots?patriots were american colonists who rebelled against british control during the american revolution (wanted indepence for america)
when did the american revolution last1775 - 1783
where did loyalists go to and whencanada, 1783 - 1784
where did the loyalists come fromthey mostly came from britain and north america
the loyalists had different ____ backgroundsethnic
why did loyalists migrate to canadathey were forced to leave by the patriots
where is upper canadapresent day ontario
where is lower canadapresent day quebec
who was john simcoe?first governor of upper canada
how many loyalists moved to nova scotia, prince edward island, and new brunswick30,000
how many loyalists moved to ontario7,500
how many loyalists moved to quebec2,000
how was lower and upper canada??? what is supposed to be here?

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