Lower Muscles

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Hip and Knee

Question Answer
Gluteus Maximus Posterior ilium, Sacrum, Coccyx > Gluteal tuberosity of femur and IT Band * T Flex, Sup
Gluteus MediusExternal Ilium > Greater Trochanter * T Abduct, Deep
Tensor Fascia LataeAnterior superior Iliac Spine >Iliotibial Band * , T Exten, Sup
SartoriusAnterior Superior Iliac Spine > Pes Anserine Tendon @ Prox Ant-Med Tibia * T Flex, Sup
PiriformisAnterior Sacrum > Greater Trochanter * T Lat Rotate, Deep
Quadratus FemorisIschial Tuberosity > Intertrochanteric crest * T Lat Rotate, Deep
PectineusPubis > Prox Post shaft of femur * T Flex, Sup
Gracilis Pubis > Pes Anserine Tendon @ Prox Ant-Med Tibia * T Adduct, Sup
Adductor MagnusPubis and Ischium > Linea Aspera of Femur * T Adduct, Deep to Pec
Adductor Longus Pubis > Linea Aspera of Femur * T Adduct, Sup
Biceps Femoris LH: Ischial Tuberosity, SH: Linea Aspera > Head of Fibula * L Flex, Sup
Semitendinosus Ischial Tuberosity > Pes Anserine Tendon @ Prox Ant-Med Tibia * L Flex, Sup
Semimembranosus Ischial Tuberosity > Post Medial Condyle of Tibia * L Flex, Sup
Rectus Femoris Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine > Tibial tuberosity via Patella and Patellar ligament * L Flex, Sup
Vastus Lateralis Linea Aspera > Tibial tuberosity via Patella and Patellar ligament * L Extend, Deep to Rec
Vastus Medialis Linea Aspera > Tibial tuberosity via Patella and Patellar ligament * L Extend, Deep to Rec

Ankle and Toe

Question Answer
Gastrocnemius, Plantar, SupMed and Lat Femoral Condyles > Calcaneus via Calcaneal Tendon
Soleus, Plantar, Deep to GastrocPost Tibia and Fibula > Calcaneus via Calcaneal Tendon
Tibialis Posterior, Plantar, DeepPost Tibia and Fibula > Navicular tuberosity, Metatarsals 2-4 and all tarsals except talus
Flexor Digitorum Longus, Flex Toes 2-5, DeepPost Middle Tibia > Plantar, distal surface of toes 2-5
Flexor Hallucis Longus, Flex toe 1, DeepPost Distal Fibula > Plantar surface of Toe 1
Tibialis Anterior, Dorsi, SupProx Ant Tibia > Cuniform and Med metatarsal 1
Fibularis Longus, Everts, SupProx Lat Fibula > Cuniform and Lat Metatarsal 1
Extensor Digitorum Longus, Extend Toe 2-5, SupProx Ant Fibula > Dorsal Toes 2-5 via Dorsal Digital Expansion
Extensor Hallucis Longus, Extend Toe 1, DeepMiddle Ant Fibula > Dorsal Distal big toe
Extensor Digitorum Brevis, Extend Toe 2-4, SupDorsal calcaneus > Toes 2-4 via Digital Dorsal Expansion
Extensor Hallucis Brevis, Extend Toe 1, SupDorsal Calcaneus > Dorsal Hallucis
Flexor Digitorum Brevis, Flex Toe 2-5, SupCalcaneal Tuberosity > Toes 2-5
Flexor Hallucis Brevis, Flex Toe 1, SupCuboid and Cuniform 3 > Base of Hallucis


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Fibular (Lateral) Collateral Lateral epicondyle of femur > Lateral side of the head of fibula * Strengthens lateral joint, Resists medial displacement (varus)
Inguinal Pubic Tubercle > ASIS * Forms passage for muscles, nerves arteries and veins
Patellar Prox apex of patella > Distal Tibial tuberosity * Resists superior translation of the patella
Tibial (Medial) Collateral Med epicondyle of femur > Med condyle of tibia * Strengthens medial side of joint, resist lateral displacement (valgus)
Calcaneofibular Lat malleolus of fibula > Lat calcaneous * Resists inversion
Posterior talofibular Lat malleolus of fibula > Talus * Resists inversion
Anterior talofibular Lat Malleolus of fibula > Talus bone * Resists Inversion
Deltoid Med malleolus of tibia > Calcaneous * Resists eversion