Lower Limb - Thigh muscles

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Gluteus maximus - originilium
Gluteus maximus - insertionfemur
Gluteus maximus - actionexternal rotation/extension of hip joint

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Tensor Fascia Latae - originASIS; iliac crest
Tensor Fascia Latae - insertioniliotibial tract (it is enclosed within the fascia lata)
Tensor Fascia Latae - innervationsuperior gluteal nerve (L4, L5)
Tensor Fascia Latae - actionflexes, abducts, medially rotates the thigh at the hip. It is an antagonist of the gluteus maximus muscle.

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Gluteus medius - originexternal ilium between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines.
Gluteus medius - insertiongreater trochanter of the femur
Gluteus medius - innervationsuperior gluteal nerve (L5, S1)
Gluteus medius - actionstrong abductor and medial rotator of the thigh at the hip joint.

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Gluteus minimus - originexternal ilium between anterior and inferior gluteal lines.
Gluteus minimus - insertiongreater trochanter of the femur.
Gluteus minimus - innervationsuperior gluteal nerve (L5, S1)
Gluteus minimus - actionabducts and medially rotates the thigh at the hip.

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Piriformis - originanterior sacrum
Piriformis - insertiongreater trochanter
Piriformis - innervationn. to piriformis
Piriformis - actionabducts the flexed thigh at the hip and helps stabilize the hip joint; laterally rotates the extended thigh

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Obturator internus - originpelvic surface of obturator membrane and surrounding bone
Obturator internus - insertiongreater trochanter
Obturator internus - innervationn. to obturator internus (L5, S1)
Obturator internus - actionrotates the extended thigh and abducts the flexed thigh at the hip.

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Superior gemellus - originischial spine
Inferior gemellus - originischial tuberosity
Superior and Inferior gemellus - insertiongreater trochanter and tendon of obturator internus
Superior gemellus - innervationn. to obturator internus
Inferior gemellus - innervationn. to quadrator femoris
Superior and Inferior gemellus - actionboth muscles laterally rotate the extended thigh and abduct the flexed thigh at the hip.

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Quadratus femoris - originischium ant. to ischial tuberosity
Quadratus femoris - insertionquadrate tubercle on the femur and intertrochanteric crest
Quadratus femoris - innervationn. to quadratus femoris
Quadratus femoris - actionrotates the thigh laterally.

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Semimembranosus - originischial tuberosity
Semimembranosus - insertionthe medial side of proximal tibia
Semimembranosus - innervationsciatic nerve, tibial division (L5, S1, S2)
Semimembranosus - actionflexes the leg at the knee and rotates the flexed leg medially.

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Semitendinosus - originischial tuberosity
Semitendinosus - insertiontibia at pes anserinus
Semitendinosus - innervationtibial nerve
Semitendinosus - actionflexes the leg at the knee and when the knee is flexed, medially rotates the tibia.

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Biceps femoris - long head - originischial tuberosity
Biceps femoris - long head - insertioninserts on head of fibula
Biceps femoris - long head - innervationtibial n.

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Biceps femoris - short head - originfemoral shaft
Biceps femoris - short head - insertioninserts on head of fibula
Biceps femoris - short head - innervationcommon fibular n.