Lower Limb Innervations (Main innervations as bolded by Dr. Kumka)

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Ant Thigh

Question Answer
Psoas MajorAnterior Part of L2, L3
IliacusFemoral Nerve L2,L3
SartoriusFemoral Nerve L2,L3 (tailors muscle)
Rectus FemorisL2, L3, L4 Femoral Nerve
Vastus LateralisL2, L3, L4 Femoral Nerve
Vastus MedialisL2, L3, L4 Femoral Nerve
Vastus IntermediusL2, L3, L4 Femoral Nerve
Articularis GenusL2 L3 Femoral Nerve to vastus intermedius

Medial Thigh

Question Answer
PectineusL2,L3 Obturator or femoral (Generally FEMORAL)
Adductor LongusL3,L4 Obturator Nerve
Adductor BrevisL3, L4 Obturator
Adductor Magnus Adductor PartL3,L4 Obturator nerve post division
Adductor Magnus Hamstring PartL4 Sciatic Tibial division
GracilisL2,L3 Obturator nerve ant division
Obturator ExternusL3,L4 Obturator nerve- 1) nerve to obt ext 2) nerve branch to obt ext post division

Glute Region

Question Answer
Tensor Fascia LataeL5,S1 Superior Gluteal Nerve
Glute MaxL5,S1,S2 Inferior Gluteal Nerve
Glute MedL4,L5,S1 Superior Gluteal Nerve
Glute MinimusL4, L5,S1 Superior Gluteal Nerve
Piriformis S1,S2 Nerve to piriformis (never exits pelvic cavity)
Obturator InternusL5,S1 Nerve to obt internus and superior gemellus
Gemmelus SuperiorL5,S1 Nerve to obt internus and superior gemellus
Gemmelus InferiorL5,S1 Nerve to quadratus femoris and inf gemellus
Quadratus FemorisL5,S1 Nerve to quadratus femoris and inf gemellus

Post Thigh

Question Answer
Bicep Femoris (long head)S1, S2, S3, Sciatic nerve
Bicep Femoris (short head)L5, S1, S2, Common Peroneal Nerve
SemitendinosusL5,S1, S2, Sciatic nerve
SemmimembranosusL5,S1, S2 Sciatic Nerve

Post Leg

Question Answer
Gastrocnemius medial headS1,S2 Tibial nerve to medial head
Gastrocnemius lateral headS1,S2 Tibial nerve to lateral head
PlantarisS1,S2 Tibial nerve to plantaris
SoleusS1,S2 Tibial nerve to soleus
PopliteusL4,L5,S1 Tibial nerve to popliteus
Flexor Hallucis LongusS2,S3 Tibial nerve to FHL
Flexor Digitorum LongusS2,S3 Tibial nerve to FDL
Tibialis PosteriorL4,L5 Tibial nerve to tibialis posterior

Lateral leg

Question Answer
Fibularis LongusL5,S1 Superficial fibular nerve
Fibularis Brevis L5,S1 Superficial fibular nerve

The Foot

Question Answer
ABductor HallucisS2,S3 Medial plantar nerve
ABductor Digiti MinimiS2,S3 Lateral plantar nerve
Flexor Digitorum BrevisS2,S3 Medial plantar nerve
Quadratus PlantaeS2,S3 Lateral plantar nerve
1st lumbricalS2,S3 Medial plantar nerve (1st common dig)
2-4 lumbricalsS2,S3 Deep lateral plantar nerve
Flexor Hallucis BrevisS2,S3 Medial plantar nerve(proper digital)
ADDuctor HallucisS2,S3 Deep lateral plantar nerve
Flexor Digiti Minimi BrevisS2,S3 Superficial lateral plantar nerve
Plantar Interossei (1st,2nd,3rd)S2,S3 Deep lateral plantar nerve
Dorsal Interossei 1-3S2,S3 Deep lateral plantar nerve
Dorsal Interossei 4thS2,S3 Superficial lateral plantar nerve
Tibialis AnteriorL4 Deep fibular nerve
Extensor Hallucis LongusL4 Deep fibular nerve
Extensor Digitorum LongusL4 Deep fibular nerve
Fibularis TertiusL4 Deep fibular nerve