Lower Gastrointestinal Questions

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Question Answer
Where does the small intestine empty into?Caecum at the ileocaecal valve.
How long is the duodenum?30cm.
How long is the jejunum? 2m.
How long is the ileum?3m.
What is the name of the inner membrane of the small intestine?Plicae circulares
What NBM is it for a barium swallow?6 hours.
What NBM is it for a barium enema?12 hours.
At what level is the sigmoid colon?Iliac crests (L3).
What is the diameter of the colon?6.5cm
Where is the large intestine at its widest? Caecum.
What do the small intestines have that the large intestines don't?1. Intestinal villi. 2. Taenia coli. 3. Haustrations.
What is attached to the caecum?Vermiform appendix.
How long is the vermiform appendix?10cm.
Where does the rectum lie? At the level of the 3rd sacral segment.
What does the parietal peritoneum do?Lines the walls of the abdominal cavity.
What does the visceral peritoneum do?Covers some abdominal organs including most of the gut.

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