Lord of the Flies Vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
mutinously Unruly; insubordinate or constituting a mutiny
inarticulate Incomprehensible; unable to speak with clarity
malevolentlyHaving an ill will or wishing harm to others; malicious
tacitNot spoken; implied by actions or statements
tiradeA long angry or violent speech; a diatribe
hiatusA gap or interruption in continuity; a break or pause
leviathinSomething very large; giant sea creature in the Bible
ludicrouslaugibly and obviously absurd; foolish blatant
blatantTotally or offensively obtrusive; very obvious
oppressiveUsing power unjustly; burdensome

Section 2

Question Answer
ebullianceZestful or spirited enthusiasm
efflorescenceBlooming of flowers, state of flowering
enmityDeep seated hatred; State of being an enemy
recriminationThe act of accusing in return; opposing another charge
inscrutableDifficult to understand, mysterious ineffectual
ineffectualInsufficient to produce an effect; useless
clamourA loud outcry; great expression of discontent decorous
decorousExhibiting appropriate behavior or conduct
tumultCommotion of a great crowd; disorder
vicissitudesA change or variation; unexpected changes in life

Section 3

Question Answer
sinewyLean and muscular; stringy and tough
jeerto abuse vocally; taunt or mock
choristerA singer or leader of a choir
declivitiesDownward slopes, as of a hill
bastionA stronghold or fortification; similar to a stronghold
tabooExcluded or forbidden from use or mention