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Transactional communication modela characterization of communication as the simultaneous sending and receiving of messages in an ongoing, irreversible process.
Decoding the process in which a receiver attaches meaning to a message
Noiseexteranl, physiological, and psychological distractions
Maslow needsphysical, safety, social needs, self-esteem, self-actualization
Computer mediated communicationcommunication between 2 individuals that is conducted via computer channels
interpersonal communicationIn a quantitative sense, when two people interact. In qualitative, when two people trust each other
cognitive complexitythe ability to construct a variety of frameworks for viewing an issue.
self-conceptThe relatively stable set of perceptions each individual holds of himself.
high-self monitoring have a detachment to ask themself "how am I doing"
individualistic culturesself is separate individual
identity managementthe communication strategies people use to influence how others view them.
cognitive conservatismThe tendency to seek and attend to information that conforms to an existing self-concept.
personalityA relatively consistent set of traits exhibited by a person across a varitey of situation.
The pillow methodA method for understanding an issue from several perspectives rather than with an egocentric "i'm right and you're wrong" attitude.
perception checkingA three-part method for verifying the accuracy of interpretations, including a description of the sense data, two possible interpretations, and a request for confirmation of the interpretations.
perception processthe process of having perception
negotiationA process in which two or more parties discuss specific proposals in order to find a mutaull acceptable agreement.
feelingsAn expression of the sender's emotions that results from interpretation of sense data.
causationthe act of causing something to happen
facilitative/debilitative emotionsemotions that contribute to effective functioning./emotions that don't