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Looking Out Looking In Chapter 1

Updated 2007-02-06 07:55

Chapter 1 Terms

affinityThe degree to which persons like or appreciate one another
channelThe medium through which a message passes from sender to receiver
cognitive complexityThe ability to construct a variety of frameworks for viewing and issue
communicationa continuous, transactional process involving participants who occupy different but overlapping exchange of messages, many of which are affected by external, physiological, and psychological noise
communication competencethe ability to accomplish one's personal goals in a manner that maintains a relationship on terms that are acceptable to all parties.
computer-mediated communicationcommunication between individuals that is conducted via computer channels such as e-mail, chat, and instant messaging
content messagea message that communicates information about the subject being discussed
controlthe social need to influence others
decodingthe process in which a receiver attaches meaning to a message
dyadtwo individuals communicating.
encodingthe process of putting thoughts into symbols, most commonly words
environmentthe field of experiences that leads a person to make sense of another's behavior
immediacythe degree of interest and attention that we feel toward and communicate to others
impersonal communicationbehavior that treats others as objects rather than individuals
instrumental goalsgoals aimed at getting others to behave in desired ways
messageinformation sent from sender to a receiver
meta communicationmessages that refer to other messages
noiseexternal, physiological, and psychological distractions that interfere with the accurate transmission and reception a message
receiverone who notices and attends to a message
relation messagea message that expresses the social relationship between two or more individuals
respectthe social need to be held in esteem by others
self-monitoringthe process of attending to one's own behavior and using these observations to shape the way one behaves
senderthe creator of a message