Logical Fallacies

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The personal attack. Ex: I wouldn't listen to that guy's financial advice: he smells disgusting!Ad Hominem
Offering no real support, sometimes simply restating the conclusion as a premise. Ex: I love America because I'm patriotic.Begging the Question


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Conclusion does not logically follow from the given premise. Ex: Al says, "Children and teens are targeted by RH Reynolds' Joe Camel ad campaign." Joe himself responds, "Oh, so you think advertising should be censored?"Non sequitur
Ex: Teens who experiment with marijuana are sure to be using hard drugs before long.Slippery Slope
Setting up a false opposition argument for the purposes of knocking it down. Ex: People for the ethical treatment of animals and other animal rights groups protest the use of laboratory animals in medical research. They don't care if we ever find cures for AIDS or cancer!Straw Man