Logical Fallacies

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The personal attack. Ex: I wouldn't listen to that guy's financial advice: he smells disgusting!Ad Hominem
The appeal to popularity. Ex: McDonald's food must be of the finest quality available. Just look how many billions of customers they've served.Ad Populum
Forming a hypothesis from insufficient evidence. Ex: She's wearing stiletto heels and a tight red dress-what a slut!Hasty Generalization
Setting up a false opposition argument for the purposes of knocking it down. Ex: People for the ethical treatment of animals and other animal rights groups protest the use of laboratory animals in medical research. They don't care if we ever find cures for AIDS or cancer!Straw Man
Offering no real support, sometimes simply restating the conclusion as a premise. Ex: I love America because I'm patriotic.Begging the Question
Evasion by way of the manipulation of language/meaning. Ex: When asked by the police officer if he knew he had run the red light, Randall replied that he hadn't exactly been "running"Equivocation