Local resource - HS2 (land)

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Question Answer
Estimated costs of HS2 project£56 billion
Cost of project over aa 18 year period as a% of UK GDP0.17% per year
Estimated boost to the UK economy£15 billion per year
Estimated boost to the Birmingham economy as a %2.1% to 4.2%
Estimated boost to the Manchester economy as a % 0.8% to 1.7%
How many times of wealth is in London compared to Birmingham7 times more wealth
Expected jobs created over construction period400,000 jobs
How many of these jobs is expected to be in the West Midlands100,000 jobs
Reduced time of travel from Birmingham and London from 1hr 24 min to45 minutes
Expected reduction in car use and plane use in Birmingham 5%
Expected fewer lorry journeys per day500,000
% of the UK population expected to benefit from HS21-2%
Expected loss to the East Norfolk economy£164 million
Expected loss to the Cardiff economy£68 million
Actual higher cost as % from HS1 project 17%
Expected number of homes to be demolished between London and Birmingham3100 homes
Length of rail line to be built on floodplains (in miles)25 miles
Expected adult return ticket cost from Manchester to London £274
How much more energy is needed to travel 340kph than 200kph (%)90% more energy
Number of wildlife sites expected to close66
Number of ancient woodland sites to be effected33
Length of River Thame needed to be aligned in km1km