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Apnea (30%) with induction dose → most imp resp adverse effectPropofol:
Advantage: main one is that it can be used for induction AND maintenance of anesthesia, as well as for conscious sedationKetamine:
Stimulates the CVS (UNIQUE; only drug that does this), does NOT depress respiration (unlike other drugs)ketamine
Water insoluble, but solubilized in propylene glycol - can cause vascular inflammation in small veins = thrombophlebitisBZD- diazepam
Rare fatal neuroleptic malignant syndrome or hyperthermiaAntipsychotic drugs:
ANS effect: potent anticholinergic (but paradoxically cause inc sweating) and sexual dysfunctionTricyclic Antidepressants:
Adverse effects: various levels of sedation, antimucarinic, CV effects, and rashes Bupropion is an EXCEPTION to this **TEST** → minimal CV effects, some CNS stimulation Bupropion is only one that causes weight LOSS; all others cause weight GAINSecond and third generation antidepressants: