Liver development

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What are the livers functionsetabolic, exocrine and endocrine functions
What is special about the liverit is the largest internal organ
What can liver devo be described asseries of reciprocal tissue interactions between the embryonic endoderm and nearby mesoderm
Specific functionsproduction of bile, metabolism of dietary compounds, detoxification, regulation of glucose levels
What percentage of the liver is hepatocytes ∼70% of the mass of the adult organ.
Where does liver originateiver originates from the ventral foregut endoderm
When do we see the liver first?t morphological sign hepatic diverticulum, an out-pocket of thickened ventral foregut epithelium adjacent to the developing heart at e9.0
How does the liver bud formhepatoblasts delaminate from the epithelium and invade the adjacent septum transversum mesenchyme (STM)
What vessels run through the liver and what are they known asportal triad IHBD, portal vein and hepatic arter
How is the endoderm specifiedignaling by the TGFβ growth factor Nodal initiates both endoderm and mesoderm formation in a concentration-dependant manner
How is the hepatic fate inducedFGF signals from the developing heart and BMPs from the STM induce hepatic fate
What neccesitates liver organoidsscarcity of organ donors and the difficulty in culturing adult hepatocytes are serious limitation to this approac

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