Liver & Biliary system

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Question Answer
Liver is composed of ... lobes seperated by the ... 2 ... Falciform ligament
Which lobe is biggerRight
Portal vein is made up ofVenous blood from gut (75%)
Hepatic artery is made up ofArterial blood (25%)
How much of CO enters the liver?25%
Blood leaves liver via Hepatic portal vein, which rejoins inferior vena cava
Hepatic bile drains into the Duodenum
Role of the capsuleProtect liver
Role of perivascular connective tissueGives veins structures
Liver stroma is made up ofECM Materials - Collagen, glycoproteins
Bile canaliculi is present.... which fuse to form... to carry the bile to the ... Between hepatocytes.. Bile duct... Intestines
Role of tight junctions between hepatocytesEnsure bile doesnt leak into liver
Role of biliary epitheliumTransport and modify constituents of bile (Secrete bicarbs and water into the bile)
Normal endothelial functions;1) Anti-thrombogenic surface 2)Filter fluids 3) Line hepatic vasculature 4) Protects the parenchyma from blood cells,bacteria and viruses
Stellate cells are normally quiescent or active?Quiescent
Activated stellate cells are responsible forSecreting collagen scar tissue, which can lead to cirrhosis
Other functions of stellate cells?Store vitamins/fat
Which cells transform in disease, becoming motile?Stellate cells
Functions of liver1) Store glycogen 2) Store fat 3) Cholesterol synthesis 4)Bile synthesis 5) 4) Detoxification and elimination
Roles of bile1) Emulsifies fats to help with fat soluble vitamin uptake 2) Excreting non water soluble waste
Liver has to main ways of eliminating/biotransforming drugs1) Oxidation or reduction by P450 to make soluble 2) Conjugation to make water soluble