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What are the Five Principles of Sea Survival?*Flotation * Protection * Rescue * Sustenance *Medical
How do you inflate a life vest?Pull red tab or blow into red tube
How can warm weather effect your raft?It expands the air inside the tube of the raft, you would need to let air out of the aspirator.
What is the primary purpose of a whistle? Crowd control and can be used to signal rescue vessels or locating other rafts.
What must be upright in the water for the ELT to correctly transmit a signal?Needs to be in the water and the antenna needs to be upright.
When would you use the rescue Flare?When rescue is imminent
Are Flotation and Protection interchangeable?No they are not.
What is Hypothermia?Body's reaction to extended immersion in an extremely cold enviroment?
What are the symptoms of Hypothermia?Shivering, apathy, and confusion
Where are the life rafts in an AC?In the roof of the cabin or in an OHB?
What is the difference between an life raft and a slide raft?Life Rafts can be used on both sides but the slide raft can only be used on one side and is attached to the Plane.

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What is Cold Shock?Body's initial reaction to cold.
What is H.E.L.P. ?Heat Escaping Lessening Position
During the HELP position?Get close to people, Stay still, and conserve energy.
If you have cold shock can you speak?Yes
Crew life vest is what color?Orange
Pax life vest is what color?Yellow
What is the name of an infant life vest?LIVE
What is Non Over wateranything less than 50 nautical miles
What is Partially Overwateranything up to 162 nautical miles
What is Overwateranything over 162 Nautical Miles

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