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Literary Terms and Devices

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similea comparison of two things using "like", "than", or "as" (example: he ran like a horse)
metaphorcompares things that aren't necessarily alike, but finding ways that they are (example: her face was ice)
personificationgiving animals or objects human characteristics (example: the tree danced in the wind)
alliterationwhen the same type of sound or letter is used repetitively to help the sentence stand out (example: tall towering tree toppled down)
hyperboleobvious and intentional exaggeration to evoke a strong feeling or make a point (example: i walked a million miles today)
onomatopoeiaa word that sounds like what it means/says (example: boom, ping, crash, meow)
suspensethe thrilling part when you know something big is going to happen (examples: creepy music, JAWS, obstacles, setting)
moodthe overall feeling of the story (ominous, hopeful, scary,)
tonethe writer's attitude or feeling (example: the newscaster had a tone of anger and disbelief as she responded to her attacker)
motifa reoccurring idea or object (example: the ring in Lord of the Rings), a subject that continues in a song,
plotthe sequence of events that happens in a story
oxymorontwo opposites that make sense together, they create a new meaning (example: dry ice, day dream, student teacher, sad smile, etc)
foreshadowhints the author gives you that something is going to happen later (example: rain in the Lion King)
symbol/symbolisman object or action that means something beyond its face value (example: a ring could mean marriage/love, or greed/avarice (gollum))
imagerya sentence, word, or scene that creates a mental image (example: a 300 pound man in short shorts riding a unicycle with "milkshake" on in the background)
characterizationidentify the elements of the character. P.I.M.E (physical, intellectual, moral, emotional)
conflicta problem that needs to be solved or overcome, a problem between character(s) and other stuff (person vs self, person vs person, person vs society, person vs nature, person vs supernatural, etc)
settingthe where, when, and the mood/atmosphere
themethe main message of the text, overall the main reason the work exists
allusiona reference to another text, person, moment in history or popular culture

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