Literary Forms In Luke (characteristics and examples)

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Parables Stories used by Jesus to explain some aspect of his teaching. -Repitition, -contrast, -Rule of 3,- End Stress. example The good Samaritan built on a framework of 3. 3 characters the priest the levite and the samaritan third passer-by gives the parable its punch.
Miraclesa Sign of the intervening action of god. designed to show that god is present. -intro to the story,- request for help, -intervention of jesus,- The result of Jesus actions, -Reaction from spectators example cleansing ten men of leprosy, intro: condition of the lepors, Request for help: Cry of the lepors, Intervention of Jesus: Cure of the Lepors, Result of Jesus actions: Healed lepors, Reaction of spectators: thankful samaratin.
Annunciation StoriesUsed when particularly important announcment is to be made. -Appearance of an angel, -fear response of person,- The divine message, sometimes -objection of the person, -a sign to reassure person. example The shepherds and the angels. Angel appears, shepherds become afraid, Devine message: angel says dont be afraid I am here to inform you of the birth of a baby, he is the one who will save the world. hi world
Controversy Storycontroversy or discussion between scholars was a genre in which rabbis were trained. -An action or saying of Jesus provokes amazement on the part of the audience-the debate begins-at the end the real point at issue emerges, It is necessary to make a choice and often parties differ. example Jesus calls Levi. Jesus says "follow me to the tax collector" provoking amazement. The pharisees and scribes begin debating with his disciples. Jesus reveals the point of the issue "It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick."
Pronouncement storiesFrom the life of a wise person that culminates in a striking saying. -story narrative -striking saying. example the true kindred of Jesus, story narrative Jesus mother and his brothers couldn't get to him because of the crowd. jesus striking saying "My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.’
Call storya literary form that demonstrates the beginning of a persons apprenticeship as a disciple of jesus. -jesus passes by-he sees somebody-detailed account of the persons occupation is given-call is issued by jesus "follow me"-the person "leaves all"-the person "goes after" jesus or is with him or follows him. example Jesus calls Levi, Jesus passes by, he sees the Levi, Levis occupation as a tax collector is revealed.Jesus says follow me, Levi leaves everything and begins to follow, levi is with jesus
epiphany storya revelation of god, uses imagery, symbolism and allusion. example baptism of Jesus. Holy spirit in a bodily form like a dove is imagery and symbolism
DiscourseWhen jesus speaks at legnth on a subject in one continous speech. example The sermon on the plain, jesus looks at his diciples and makes a long speech.
Short sayingsSayings of Jesus which people have remembered. example in luke chapter 9 the saying is "Whoever loses his life for my sake, he will save it"