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Indian Forest Act 1927 British India Developed procedures for setting up and protection of reserved forests, protected forests, and village forests special focus on timber
1st Five Year Plan1951
2nd Five Year Plan 1956 3rd Five Year Plan 1961
4th Five Year Plan 1969
5th Five Year Plan 1974 6th Five Year Plan 1978
Wildlife Protection Act1972 India except J&K Formalisation of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves and community reserves. Penal codes for animal poaching, and trade in products derived from protected animals
National Wildlife Action Plan 1973
7th Five Year Plan Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 (with Amendments Made in 1988)
environment protection act (23 May 1986) it is a legislation which signifies the central governments determination to take effective steps to protect the environment
National Forest Policy1988
Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act1992
8th Five Year Plan 1992
9th Five Year Plan 199710 Five Year Plan 2002 11th Five Year Plan 2007