Liposuction and Fat Grafting

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Fat cell viability correlates more with shear trauma or pressure for harvest?Shear Trauma
Three layers of lipoaspirate after it has been through the centrifugeUpper layer- Oil, Middle- Fat, Lower - Blood and water and lidocaine
Wait how long before repeat fat grafting?6 months
3 ways to limit arterial occlusion when injecting into the face1. Use blunt cannulas 2. Inject with epinephrine 3. Limit volume of injection
5 Zones of Adherence1. Distal Iliotibial Tract 2. Gluteal Crease 3. Lateral Gluteal Depression 4. Middle Medial Thigh 5. Distal Posterior Thigh
Superwet ratio of infiltrate to aspirate and blood loss1:1, 1% blood loss
Tumescent ratio of infiltrate to aspirate and blood loss3:1, 1% blood loss
Wet blood loss4-30% blood loss
Max lidocaine dose in wetting solution35mg/kg
3 complications of ultrasound assisted1. Thermal Injury 2. Seroma 3. Hyperpigmentation
Way to preserve lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in abdominoplastyLeave a small layer of fat over ASIS
Only proven benefit of laser assisted LipoLess pain
Lipo over what area in the upper arm is likely to cause a contour deformity?Bicipital groove
Most common vitamin deficiency in post-gastric bypass patientsIron (B12 is second most)
Estimate of tumescent that becomes intravascular when using superwet technique70%
Borders of femoral TriangleInguinal Ligament, sartorius muscle, and adductor longus
Abdominoplasty Early dehiscence caused by ____ Late Dehiscence caused by _____Patient movement and Seroma
Diastasis in men vs WomenMen have wider diastasis superiorly and women have wider diastasis inferiorly
Maximum liposuction that can be performed in an office based setting5L
In regards to getting liposuction irregularities, what is the worst combination of techniques (3)Large cannula, superficial, single port

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