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Whaic lipoprotien is the largest?CM
Which Lipoprotien is the densest?HDL
Which lipoportein has the most cholesterol?LDL
What is the essential structure for CM and CM remnants?Apo B48
What gene encodes CMsMTTP
What lipopotiens are added to CM in the blood?Apo C2 and Apo E
Where does Apo C2 and Apo E come from?HDL
What Lipoprotien degrades TAGsApo C2
Which Lipoprotiens remain to the CM remnants?B48 and apo E
What happens to C2?returns to HDL
What does MTTP do?VLDL formation in the liver
What is a MTTP deficiency?Abetalipoprotien
What happens in MTTP deficiency?Pts are unable to make cancsecnet CM and VLDLs
What happens if you can't male nascent CM and VLDLscan't absorob dietary lipids/vitamnis
What are the effects of MTTP deficiency?Growth problems and neurological defects
How do you treat MTTP deficiency?Low fat, calorie rich diet, high does of fat solubale vitamins
What is the defect in familial chylomicronemia?Defect in lipase or Apo C2
What happens in familial chylomicronmeia?TAGS remain in CM and are not taken up by tissues
S/S of familial chylomicronemia?Eruptive xanthoma after high fat meal
Labs of familal chylomicronemia?Elevated TAGS, normal cholesterol
Tx of familal chylomicronemia?Very low-fat diet, medium and short chain FA
What lipoprotiens are present in VLDL?Apo B-100, Apo C2, Apo E
What lipoprotiens are present in LDLApo B-100 and Apo-E
What causes Tangier diseaseDefective ABCA 1
Tangier disease labs?Low HDL, and LDL. high VLDL and CM
Labs in familial chylomicronemiaFatty/,ilk serum

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