Lipoprotein Metabolism

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Question Answer
Abetaliproteinemia Chemistry?Unable to make CM and VLDL
Abetalipoprotein lipid profile?Hypolipidema, CM, VLDL and LDL almost absent from Plasma
Abetalipoprotein symptoms?fat accumulates in enterocytes, neurological defects due to malabsorption of vitamins,
Abetalipoprotien therapy?Low-fat, calorie rich diet with high dose vitamins
Familal Chylomicronemia cause?deficiency of LPL or APO C2
Abetalipoprotien cause?Mutation of MTTP gene that codes for apolipoprotien
Familal Chylomicronemian chemistry?TAGs cannot be hydrolyzed in CM
Familal Chylomicronemia Lipid profile?Elevated CM/TAG in fasting, creamy top layer, normal cholesterol
Familal Chylomicronemia Therapylow fat diet, short and medium chain FA
Tangier Disease cause?Defect in ABCA1
Tangier disease (alpha-lipoprotien deficiency) lipid profileLow HDL, low LDL. Elevated fasting VLDL
Tangier disease symtomsenlarged tonsils, clouding of cornea,peripheral neuropathy, premature MI
Tangier disease treatmentNo treatment available
Tangier disease chemistry?Defective ABCA1 reduces cholesterol transport, leads to accumulation of cholesteryl esters in tissues
Structural protein VLDL, IDL, LDLApo B-100
Structural protein CMApo B-48
Structural Protein CM remnantsApo B-48
Structural protein HDLApo A1
LPL enzyme activator CMApo C2
LPL enzyme activator CM remnantsN/A
LPL enzyme activator VLDLApo C2
LPL enzyme activator IDLN/A
LPL enzyme activator LDLN/A
LPL enzyme activator HDLApo C2
Ligand to Apo E- receptor CMApo E
Ligand to Apo E- receptor CM remnantApo E
Ligand to Apo E- receptor VLDL/HDL/IDLApo E
Activator for PCAT enzyme Apo A-1
Ligand receptor for LDLApo B-100