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Linking Quickstart

Updated 2009-07-23 05:16

In a nutshell...

If you create links to pages you create on other relevant pages, it will be easier for people to find them.


To create a link such as Bones, click 'edit' and type the page name surrounded with square brackets, like: [Bones]


See Editing Quickstart for more info about editing.


When someone created the Billiards page, they created a link to it on the Games page. Now other people can easily find it. Categories links to Games, which links to Billiards.


If you make some related pages, you might want to link them together for easy navigation. You might create a My Spanish Test page that links to your Spanish Verbs and Spanish Nouns pages.


If you want your pages to become main pages (see Promoting Quickstart) you should make sure someone can navigate to it starting from the Categories page, like the Billiards example above.

Adding links to a page

Just add the page name surrounded by square brackets, such as:

'Pages linking here' section

At the bottom of pages you'll see a 'Pages linking here' section. In it are shown the pages that link to the page you're looking at. Look at the bottom of this page and you'll see the pages that link to it.

Categories page

The Categories page is meant to be the starting point for people to find all other main pages. The links to Billiards and Multiplication can be visualized this way:


Categories (links to...)
Games (links to...)
Biology (links to...)


Also, considering linking to your page from the By Organization or By School page if relevant.

Multiple links to the same page

It is often useful for multiple pages to link to a page. For example it makes sense for both Chemistry and Biology to link to Elements.