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I would go there if I could not go to Theseus’ holy land.You’ve been awarded to Odysseus, lord of Ithaca. You shall enter his land a slave.
AIAI!!!Hecuba, queen of Troy, as the Greeks’ most trusted herald, I call you by your name as I have so often visited you. What grieves you now?
Words fail me in the rush of waves the gods keep sending.You servants, quick, go inside and fetch the Princess Cassandra, so I can turn her over to the commander. King Agamemnon picked her for his prize, not as a slave, but as a mistress, a bedmate.
I’ll kill the very ones I hate the most.Andromache, wife of Hector, you are to marry Neoptolemus.
a prisoner in a ship’s hold, just a slave.Wife of Hector, do not hate me for what I have come to tell you, they are going to kill your boy and that’s the sorry truth, now you know. Odysseus has proposed that Astyanax be flung from the Trojan walls. Do not resist this, it would be wiser not to.
The road I take to this new marriageHelen, wife of Menelaus, your husband has requested your return. For your crimes, you shall pay with your life.
Arguments to make in my defenceWhat defence could you make that would change your fate?