Limbic system

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What is it?

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Emotion is sometimes effected bydamage to the spinal cord
Broca referred to the cortical areas that surround the brain stemthe limbic lobe
Limbic lobe includescorpus callosum, Cingulate cortex, the Hippocampus
Other limbic structures includethe amygdala, septum, hypothalamus


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EEGallows for the measurement of activity in large numbers of neurons
Beta fastest - anything greater than 14 Hz - indicate an activated cortex
alpha8-13 Hz - quiet waking states
Theta4-7 Hz - occurs during sleep
deltaless than 4 Hz- deep sleep
definition of sleepa readily reversible state of reduced responsiveness to, and interaction with the environment

Phases of sleep

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Non- REM sleepslow wave sleep
75%non- REM
wakefulness depends on the ascendingReticular Activating System (RAS)

Papez Circuit

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Papezproposed a circuit for the emotional system that linked the cerebral cortex with the hypothalamus
Phineas Gagecortical damage often lead to alterations in emotions
Fear and anxiety comes fromthe amygdala
Kluver and Bucy syndromePsychic blindness, oral tendencies, altered sexual behavior, and emotional changes
Amygdala destructionreduced fear, with decreased aggression
Amygdala stimulationfear and violent aggression in cats, anxiety and fear in humans
Sham rageremoval of both cerebral hemispheres leads to inappropriate rage in situations that would not normally elicit anger
Stimulation of sites that lead to reinforcement or self stimulation often activate pathways that release the neurotransmitterdopamine