Limb III

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How was it det that GDF6 is reg by Hox genes 1) 2)1)Seqeunce comparison 14 species, conserved regions. 2) Conserved Enhancer fragment w/ putative Hox b/s
Which other BMPs are reg by Hox?i)2+7- reduced expresion in Hox13 mutants ii) Reporter assays- Hox13 stimulates trans from BMP2/7 enhancer fragments
How can BMPs rescue Hox13-?Activate prog cell death b/w digits when provided as a bead. (normally controlled by Hox)
How is distinct morphology of bat forelimb constructedPersistance of BMP signalling elongates cartilage model
What conditions are associated with Hox13D mutation?Brachydavtyly
How do wnt signals affect the peripehery of limb bud?1)Restrict differentiation and promote proliferation (mitosis marker) 2) Promote soft tissue gen expression over cartilage ie dermo 1
What serves as a marker for emigrating muscle precursorsPax6
How is muscle migration regulated?C-met and Scatter factor produced by Shh and Fgf singalling in the limb bud mesenchyme promote mig
What seqeunce of events occurs in muscle formation?Delamination, Migration, Proliferation, Determination (MyoD), Differentiation
How do Hox genes relate to muscle paterning?Patterning req for integration w/ muscles and tendons Hoxa+d11 in precursors
What is evidence for Hox in muscle patterning?Mutants in Hox11 genes w/ normal skeletal pattern show muscle specific defects

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