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innermost membranous sac surrounding the developing fetusamnion
dark pigmented area surrounding the breast nippleareola
small mucus-secreting exocrine glands at the vaginal orificebartholin glands
lower, neck-like portion of the uteruscervix
outermost layer of the two membranes surrounding the embrionchorion
organ of sensitive erectile tissue anterior to the opening clitoris
sexual intercourse, copulation. coitus
empty ovarian follicle that secretes progesterone after release of the egg cellcorpus luteum
region in the lower abdomen, midway between the and the uteruscul-de-sac
inner, mucous membrane lining the uterusendometrium
hormone produced by ovariesestrogen
one of pair of ducts through which the ovum travels to the uterusfallopian tube

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union of the sperm cell and ovum fertilization
stage in preanatal developmentfetus
finger or fringe like projectionsfimbriae
male/female sexual reproductive cellsperm cel/ ovum
genitaliareproductive organs