Light vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
Driving QuestionA question that moves your research forward
Investigatingto research to learn more about
PhenomenaA real event that happen over and over
ObservationAn act of viewing/watching to gain information
Opticalhaving to do with sight
Illusionsomething that tricks the brain
Claimtestable statement about the result of the investigation
EvidenceScientific data used to support the claim. All the data we collected, observations we made, and reports of research that could support our claim
ReasoningLink evidence to claim using scientific principles. Explain how the data justifies the claim.
Data AnalysisResearching, organizing and changing data to bring out the useful information
eyelight sensor

Section 2

Question Answer
Transmittedto cause light to pass through something
Absorbwhen light is taken in or soaks up by an object
Reflectwhen light bounces off an object
SummaryPresenting the main points
ExperimentA test for information
Datafacts or Figures or information
ProcedureA step by step way to do something
Perspectivepoint of view
Light sourcesomething that gives off light
Objectsomething you can see
Straight line of sighta path of ight with no obstructions

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