Light Gun Signals (when radio communication is down)

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Question Answer
Steady Green A/C in FlightCleared to Land
Steady Green A/C on GroundCleared to takeoff
Steady Red A/C in FlightGive way to other aircrafts and continue circling
Steady Red A/C on GroundSTOP
Flashing Green A/C in FlightReturn for Landing and await clearance to land (wait for the steady green)
Flashing Green A/C on GroundCleared for Taxi
Flashing Red A/C in FlightNot Safe to Land at this airport
Flashing Red A/C on GroundTaxi clear of runway in use
Flashing white A/C in FlightLand at this aerodrome and proceed to Apron
Flashing white A/C on GroundReturn back to the starting position at the airport
Alternate Red and Green A/C on Ground Exercise extreme caution
Alternate Red and Green A/C in FlightExercise extreme caution
Red Pyrotechnic A/C in FlightNotwithstanding previous instructions, do not land at this airport for the time being
Red Pyrotechnic A/C on GroundNot Applicable (red pyrotechnic is only used when A/C is in Flight